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What Artists Are Under GXYZ Entertainment & What Makes Them Special


GXYZ is a digital media platform where artists and businesses across the globe can attain the desired exposure. They can get their voice commercials and video ads on GXYZ TV for a weekly or monthly fee basis. Other than that, services like recording, mastering, and mixing the tracks are also available. 

Embrace an exciting journey full of countless opportunities and experiences with GXYZ Entertainment. Being a creative management platform, GXYZ Entertainment helps emerging performers gain worldwide recognition. Now you can get a chance to market your brand through videos, captivating photographs, galleries, and recorded music on GXYZ. 

The budding artists can seek impressive services and show their creative talent publicly. If you have artistic talent and need a stage to perform, GXYZ is the platform for you. You can attain a web space for creating professional videos and photography. 

If you have plans to carry out commercials for business promotion, you can obtain the tools and platform to do so. You can come across professional photographers and a technical staff that will assist in video production and take captivating photos. All this makes GXZ Entertainment the ideal platform for encouraging new talents through music and video commercials. Also, it would be no wrong to say that GXYZ is your ultimate entertainment hub. 

Many talented artists have partnered with GXYZ, and you will learn much about them in this blog post. Read further to know what artists are under GXYZ entertainment

Artists In Collaboration With GXYZ Entertainment


The following are some of the famous artists that are under GXYZ Entertainment:

Tovel Pearce


Tovel Pearce is a 38-year-old Jamaican Reggae/pop recording artist. In his childhood, his parents lived in a small district (Central Village) in Jamaica. He used to fly kites, play with marble, and swim in the river with his friends during his growing-up days. 

Tovel showed interest in music when his father, Lascelles Pearce, used to teach him how to play drums. At this stage, Tovel was just 5. In 1996, he went to Florida and began writing and singing music in 1999/2000. When he carried on to discover his style of music, he found Deckey D during a project. Later on, he signed up with GXYZ. 



Since childhood, Shelz has been blessed to come across many people who have reached the top of the world. The artist has been in the presence of prominent personalities, including Mikey Spice, Third World, Red Rat, Trina, and many others. 

Her family used to overlook her talents, but she did not give up. She was bestowed with ample opportunities to earn an experience in music. Shelz took part in backstage Jamaican concerts in the US, backstage US concerts, music conferences, and radio station broadcasting at 99 Jams.

As a teenager, Shelz experienced another spectrum of the music world by being on the sidelines of rap battles of homeboys and acquaintances. 

Deckey D

Born as Dexter Sutherland, Deckey D, is a talented producer, writer, keyboard player, and drummer. He belongs to Trinidad and has a music career spanning over 20 years. The performances of Deckey D are watched throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Some of Dexter’s best hits that inspire are “Slack Back to Back, Rock On, and Rock the Beat. 

Deckey D’s first love has always been music. He has had a fixation with music since he was ten. With time, Deckey D got engaged in various music genres, including hip-hop, reggae, calypso, jazz, soca, rap, and much more. 

One of D’s famous achievements is the 1986 “Battle of the Kind of Stage,” which he won during the Budweiser Fest. 

Watta Gwan           


Rastafarian Ricardo Tulley, aka “Watta Gwan,” is another Jamaican artist on the list. His parents, Audery and Leroy Tulley, raised him in Spanish Town. 

Watta Gwan began his career at a very young age. His inspirations were legends like Bob Marley, Kepiton, Buju Bantu, and Sixla. He moved to the United States in his early 20s and joined the Fearless Crew. Afterward, in his late 20s, he thought of starting his career as a solo performer. From there, he began performing at the Amphitheatre and also joined VPRecords. 

He earned massive growth in the industry, and soon later, he came across Deckey D. He was working on D’s new album, which was about to launch. When not making music, Watta does cooking and spends time with his daughter. 



Pryncess was born in the Caribbean nation, Dominican Republic. She moved to America when she was five and lived in Florida. She participated in school showcases and talent shows and got a chance for some school auditorium presentations.  

Pryncess is currently the owner of a new brand, Royalty Kiss, which is about to launch. Besides being a recording artist, Pryncess is a writer, actress, video editor, model, soundtrack artist, and director. She is also on the road to becoming a movie writer. 

With GXYZ Entertainment, Pryncess is looking forward to making the most of the thrilling adventures of life. Also, she is the first female artist to sign up with GXYZ. New music, movies, products, and much more are waiting for her.  

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